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Hong Kong Work Visa Application Procedures and Fees

Hong Kong Work Visa Application Procedures and Fees

Unless otherwise indicated, the work visa application stated in this quotation refers to visa application for employment as professionals and investment as entrepreneurs under General Employment Policy, and for employment as professionals under Admission Scheme for Mainland Talents and Professionals.

In general, unless a person has the right of abode or right to land in Hong Kong, he/she requires a visa permit for work in Hong Kong. The foreigners who wish to take up any short-term or long-term employment (whether paid or unpaid) in Hong Kong, he/she must obtain an employment visa/permit from Hong Kong Immigration Department before take-up the employment.

Under General Employment Policy ("GEP"), the foreigners who possess special skills, knowledge, or experience of value to and not readily available in Hong Kong may apply to come to work as Professionals.

Alternatively, foreigners who wish to establish or join in business and then take up the employment or sponsoring by his/her owned business in Hong Kong, he/she may apply for the work visa/permit under the Investment as Entrepreneurs scheme under GEP.

The GEP does not apply to the Chinese residents of the Mainland China. The professionals who is Chinese residents from the Mainland China may apply to come to work in Hong Kong under Admission Scheme for Mainland Talents and Professionals ("ASMTP").

The above-mentioned work visas are quota-free and non-sector specific. All professionals who meets the eligibility criteria specified in the Section 2 of this quotation may apply for work visa in Hong Kong.

For the applicant who has been admitted into Hong Kong for take up employment though above mentioned work visa scheme, he/she may also apply for the dependant visa to his/her spouse or unmarried dependent child under the age of 18. Also, work visa holders may apply for the right of abode in Hong Kong in accordance with the law if ordinarily resided in Hong Kong for a continuous period of not less than seven years.

  1. Hong Kong Work Visa Application Fees

    Our fees for handling the application for work visa to enable a foreigner to work in Hong Kong is HKD9,500. An extra HKD4,750 will be charged for each dependent visa. In particular, our fees cover the following services:

    Providing advices regarding the application for work visa in Hong Kong in general;
    Providing assistance for the preparation of documents required for the client;
    Review application documents prepared by applicant(s) and employing company;
    Preparation authorization letter(s) and application form(s);
    Submission of application to the Hong Kong Immigration Department;
    Liaison with the Hong Kong Immigration Department regarding the application;
    Report the application status to the client;
    Arranging payment of fees and collection of work visa after approval;
    Forwarding of work visa to client’s specified address; and
    Providing assistance for the application of Hong Kong ID cards.

    The fees quoted above includes the government fee;
    The fees stated are exclusive of delivery charge, if any.

  2. Eligibility Criteria

    Applicant should not have any criminal records or security objections;
    Applicant must possess a good educational background. Normally it is preferable to have at least an undergraduate degree in the relevant fields. However, in the absence of such a degree, documentary evidence of good technical qualifications, relevant professional abilities, achievements and experience may suffice;
    There is a genuine job vacancy at the employing company; (for employment as professionals only)
    Applicant should have secured a confirmed employment offer and the job matches his/her academic qualifications and/or working experience and cannot be readily taken up by the local work force; (for employment as professionals only)
    The remuneration package including income, accommodation, medical and other fringe benefits is in line with the prevailing market standards in Hong Kong; (for employment as professionals only)
    Applicant is in position to make substantial contribution to the Hong Kong economy. (for Investment as Entrepreneurs only)

    The above-mentioned eligibility criteria may be subject to change from time to time by the Immigration Department without prior notice. Please consult with Kaizen Consultants for more information.

  3. Payment Term and Method

    Kaizen currently accept Hong Kong Dollar check, cash or TT and credit card through PayPal only. If payment is settled through PayPal, extra 5% services fee will be charged. Upon receipt of your order, we will issue an invoice to you for your settlement. According to nature of services, payment must be fully settled in advance. No refund can be applied once services provided.

    If China or Taiwan official tax invoice is required, Value-Added Tax or Business Tax at the prevailing rate in the respective jurisdiction will be charged.

  4. Procedures and Timeline

    In general, the processing time of work visa application takes around 4-8 weeks after submitted the application document to the Hong Kong Immigration Department. The Hong Kong Immigration Department will verify the validity of the information submitted and may request additional evidence document that the application time shall be extended.

    If the application is approved, the Hong Kong Immigration Department will issue an Entry Permit which must be collected from the immigration office in-person by the applicant or an authorized representative. In case the work visa application is rejected, an appeal can be filed with authorities.

    Upon collected the Entry Permit, the applicant may visit Hong Kong with original of the Permit and start the employment. After the arrival, the Permit holder should apply the HKID at the earliest.

  5. Documents and Information Needed

    The applicant is required to prepare and provide the following documents and information for the purpose of application for Hong Kong work visa:

    Business registration certificate of the employing company;
    The detailed information of authorized person of the employing company;
    The copy of employment contract or the letter of appointment with the applicant containing information about post, salaries, other fringe benefits;
    A letter of full job descriptions;
    The applicant’s certificates of academic qualification and professional qualifications as well as employment proof;
    A letter providing explanation why the position to the assumed by the applicant cannot hired locally.

    All documents submitted must be in English or Chinese or translated into English or Chinese by a certified translation body.

    For checklist of requiring documents during visa application, please refer to "Documents Checklist for Hong Kong Work Visa Application". The Immigration Department reserve the right to demand further documents from the applicant or employing company as and when necessary.

  6. Validity of Work Visa

    Most initial work visas issued are valid for 2 years depend on the employment condition or in accordance with the duration of the employment contract (whichever is shorter).

    The work visa/permit holders may apply for extension of stay in Hong Kong within four weeks before their limit of stay expires. Such applications will be considered only when the applicants continue to meet the eligibility criteria under the relevant visa application scheme. The person will normally follow the 3-3 years pattern if approval by Immigration Department, also on employment condition, or be in accordance with the duration of the employment contract (whichever is shorter).

    Professionals admitted under the visa application scheme which are mentioned in this quotation who are on employment condition shall only take up such employment as approved by the Director of Immigration. In case the visa holder decided to change of job, they must seek prior approval from the Hong Kong Immigration Department even the work visa still not yet expired. Such applications may be favourably considered if the applicants continue to fulfil the eligibility criteria under relevant visa application scheme.

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